Gubernatorial (State) Proclamations

Thanks to the Siblings Day Committee efforts, Siblings Day is gaining momentum at the federal, state and most importantly, family level (see proclamations below ). You will find an endorsement from US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from New York directed to President William Clinton, and recognition by the US House of Representatives during open session on April 10, 1997, May 3, 2001 and April 2005 which were subsequently published in the Congressional Record. State Senator Catherine Abate and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried of New York both applaud the effort. The founder of Grandparent’s Day, Mrs. Marion McQuade, has also been supportive.

Since 1998, 88 state governors from 39 states have officially established Siblings Day in their state and among them, six White House cabinet members: Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Gary Locke of Washington, Tom Ridge of Pennsyvania, Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin and Christine Whitman of New Jersey.

I could speak about the importance of the sibling relationship, but I could not do a better job than that done by the 40 some Governors of our states who have issued proclamations declaring Siblings Day in their states, posted below. Please read the beautiful language in those proclamations. Our brothers and sisters are a permanent part of our mental life.  Also see the “Published Articles” page for some discussion about the importance of our siblings throughout our adult lives.


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