We’re constantly in the need of more help from volunteers, partnering organizations, and local change makers to further improve upon our Initiatives and projects

  • Residents of California

    Create and encourage your family, friends and associates to petition Governor Newsom to sign a gubernatorial proclamation in your state on or before April 10th Siblings Day 2022.
  • Begin a Sibling-to-Sibling Support Group in your community
    Make a difference in your school, college, faith-based organization, cultural institute or library. Work with a social worker and/or psychologist or faith-based leader to start a Siblings 2 Sibling support group in your community.
  • Assist in the development of the sibling programs
    Such as the Lost Sibling Registry; Adopt-A-Sibling Program and The Siblings Rights Program.
  • Spread awareness about Siblings Day online
  • Help promote Siblings Day to media in your community

If you’re interested in assisting us, please email info@siblingsday.org