Key Siblings Day 2021 Social Media Facts

Siblings Day a.k.a National Siblings Day exploded on the internet. 5 million people were talking about Siblings Day on Facebook on 4/15/21.

According to Costco Connection article in their 2021 April Issue, “89% of individuals have a sibling”.

World Siblings Day 2021 got dedicated by NASA to Earth’s Sibling “Venus” – The Indian Wire, April 13, 2021. NASA wrote in an Instagram post: #NationalSiblingsDay, we celebrate #Venus, Earth’s sister planet! Like human sisters, Earth & Venus share a lot — similar mass, size, composition. Also like human sisters, their natures can clash wildly — Venus’s atmosphere would burn and crush us, but Earth is our perfect home.

According to article:  “Siblings Day is the most popular Celebration Day in the World”

Siblings Day Foundation (SDF) sponsored a Second Global Virtual Dance Party on Siblings Day, Saturday, April 10th at 12 Noon and 8 PM EST.

CNN wished the SDF founder, Claudia Evart a Happy Birthday on 3/26/21, live and on the air.

Six siblings, all working in medicine, appear in viral photo | GMA

According to GMA, 6 siblings from Nigeria all work in medicine, appear in the viral photo, and inspired over 100,000 people on LinkedIn.  Their entire family works in the same field, 4 are M.D.’s, 2 are N.P. and 1 a P.A.  Their parents are Andrew Okpaleke, M.D. a retired physician of internal medicine who practiced for 30 years, and their mother, Celina Okpaleke is a P.A.

SDF is excited to announce that we are making the website available to grieving siblings.  This is a wonderful free resource for siblings who have lost brothers and sisters during the pandemic.

SDF’s message of love and honoring one’s siblings have reached beyond our borders, as Siblings Day is now celebrated or have begun to celebrate in countries, such as Australia,     Brazil, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore South Africa, Sweden & United Kingdom.