Our Programs

Siblings Foundation

Our goal is to raise monies to fund these important initiatives that have been in place over the past few years.  We are looking for individuals to volunteer and companies to donate time and money to jump-start these programs in your community. For more information contact us at info@siblingsday.org

Adopt-A-Sibling Program

On or before National Siblings Day (NSD) chose a very special friend or relative to celebrate National Siblings Day, Apr 10. This is for individuals who have lost a sibling, do not have a sibling or are out of touch with their sibling. This will be one of the ways to honor and appreciate a special person in your life on April 10th.  It’s about time we honor, appreciate and cherish those we love. This program is ongoing and held every year on April 10th and your adopted sibling can become an everlasting lifelong relationship.

Sibling-to-Sibling Support Groups

We will seek to promote the creation of support groups through a variety of networks (educational, psychological, community, faith-based) to assist siblings with the loss of their sibling, overcoming their differences, issues and situations which may keep them apart.  In the past, the Siblings Day Fdtn. has joined forces with Columbia School of Social Work, Grievance program developed by Dr. Kathy Shear widely recognized for her work in bereavement studies and healgrief.org’s  AMF (Actively Moving Forward) website available to grieving sibs HealGrief® which provides community support groups and connections.

The Sibling Rights Project

This program is in development and looking for individuals to help jumpstart this program. There are many legal rights within the family that currently pertain to parents, their children and spouses but do not extend to siblings. This project will research current legislation and lobby representatives regarding family law to ensure that siblings rights are protected.

Lost Sibling Registry

This program is in development and looking for individuals or companies to help jumpstart this program.  Siblings can do self-search on predetermined database criteria to connect with a lost sibling. This project develops the database, search criteria and user interface.