Your support will go towards creating and improving upon the following upcoming programs:

  • Sibling-to-Sibling Support Groups – These groups will support the loss and grief that siblings feel.  Too many siblings have encountered this loss and want to bring themselves comfort in these times of great loss.  The Siblings Day Foundation sees a significant role we can play in this crisis.  We plan to partner with experienced psychologists and social workers in this program. 

    Many siblings encounter issues which have affected or compromised their relationships with one another.  We will seek to promote the creation of support groups through a variety of networks (educational, psychological, community, faith-based) in order to assist siblings in overcoming their differences, issues and situations which may be keeping them apart.
  • Lost Siblings’ Registry – Siblings can do self-search on predetermined database criteria to connect with a lost sibling.  This project develops the database, search criteria and user interface.
  • Adopt A Sibling – This would replace someone who you lost or sibling you wish you  had. This will be one of the ways to celebrate National Siblings Day on April 10th with a very special friend or relative.  
  • The Sibling Rights Project – there are many legal rights within the family that currently pertain to parents, their children and spouses but do not extend to siblings.  This project will research current legislation and lobby representatives regarding family law to ensure that siblings rights are protected.